School Update

Joyful Kitchen is temporarily closed through May 4th, following the MA state-wide mandate.

Hi Friends. I hope you’re all hanging in there. You’re probably cooking more at home than you ever have before!! Wahoo – keep it up! Share your creations with us on Instagram (@joyfulkitchen), or email ( In times like these, it’s important to remember, cooking is about more than just feeding yourself. It’s comforting, entertaining and a simple way to spread a little joy . . . and we need pot-fulls of that right now!

We will reopen for private events once the state says it is safe to do so. Our next class schedule will be released Fall 2020. Until then, keep yourselves and loved ones healthy and well-fed while your Joyful Kitchen family awaits you here! We cannot wait to have our Kitchen filled with all of you again!!

Joyful Kitchen