I really enjoyed your class!
It was so relaxed and easy to follow.

I particularly enjoyed your professional tips, like how to prep the garlic, which I had no idea about! I think the idea of “sharing your chef secrets/tips” would always be a winner with customers. I have tried the Thai wraps and they were a HIT with my family! And so easy to make…I think the fresh, easy prep meals you presented will be a big hit with busy moms. I like the idea of “20-30 minutes to table” cooking! – Heidi

Thank you Amy!

It has been such an educational, fun and nourishing two days! You were clearly born to be doing this and I am so happy to be part of your inaugural class! – Jen

What a pleasure it has been to spend time in your kitchen learning and eating!!

I’ve left each class with amazing new recipes, great culinary tips and a confidence that I CAN recreate them at home. Looking forward to Tuesday. – Pat

It was more than a pleasure to attend your class!!

You are not only a fabulous cook but you are also a great teacher. Thank you! – Carol

I’m writing to let you know I really enjoyed the yummy food last night.

The food truly complemented an interesting and informative evening. – Jane

I had such a wonderful couple of hours with you all.

Hopefully I can come close to recreating the recipes we enjoyed yesterday. On my way to Whole Foods to stock up! Thanks very much Amy! – Nancy

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

And since you make it look so easy and fun I believe I could really do it too! Thank you Amy! – Diana