Meet Chef Amy Lipton – global traditions and a world of influence. A food enthusiast, a culinary educator, and a perpetual student.

Joyful Kitchen combines her two passions, cooking and feeding people. Cooking has always been her #1 activity of choice, my creative outlet, and her therapy. Nothing makes her happier than sharing food with friends, loved ones, and eager learners!

She believes that cooking great food does not have to be complicated or take a lot of time. So she favors preparing dishes that she can proudly serve both family or guests, and that she knows they will enjoy, and feel fussed over, without being overly difficult or time consuming.

Her personal cooking style features a blend of global cuisine, healthful, high quality ingredients, and classic comfort food inspired by my culinary traveling and classic French training. She is dedicated to simple, seasonal, and nourishing cooking and she likes to pair bold, fresh, and unexpected ingredients together to create an unforgettable meal.

While her formal training is grounded in classic French technique, she continued her global culinary studies by traveling and training in Japan, Thailand, China, India, Italy, and France. This learning process continues – expanding her understanding of food cultures, traditions and flavors wherever she ventures.

In my home, the kitchen is its heart.

Ask me about any significant event in my life, and I will be able to tell you the foods with which it was celebrated. Ask me about any trip to any city or country around the world and I can tell you the foods and flavors I experienced. For me, cooking is as much about flavors and ingredients as it is hospitality, generosity of spirit, and joy. I firmly believe that a warm welcome and a homemade meal can elevate any human interaction and make people feel well cared for and loved.

I have spent the past 21+ years in and out of the professional cooking industry. I completed my formal training at Peter Kump Cooking School in NYC, now The Institute of Culinary Education, in Classic French Cooking, and received a Culinary Arts Diploma in 1993. I apprenticed at The James Beard House assisting visiting chefs with their showcase dinners. While living in Tokyo, Japan for four years (1996-2000), I owned and operated a full-service catering business, Art of Eating, serving the expatriate, Embassy, and corporate communities.

Visiting Chefs

Collaboration and sharing are cornerstones of our school. Joyful Kitchen Cooking School classes are taught by owner, Amy Lipton. Instructors may also include visiting culinary experts from around the world, nutritionists, food writers and local professionals from the Boston culinary scene. They all bring their specialized expertise into Joyful Kitchen’s casual atmosphere where collaboration and sharing are cornerstones of the school.